Vigier Excalibur Special Black Diamond

2'995.00 CHF



  • Guitar Type: Solid body
  • Number of strings: 6
  • Neck Type: Bolt-on featuring the 10/90 System (10% carbon, 90% wood)
  • Wood: Maple naturally dried for 3 years Shape: D Finish: Matte varnish
  • Width of neck at nut: 42mm / 1.65″ Width of neck at last fret: 57,7mm / 2.27″
  • Depth of neck at first fret: 19,5mm / .76″
  • Depth of neck at 12th fret: 23mm / .90″
  • String spacing at nut: 35mm / 1.38″
  • String spacing at bridge: 53mm / 2.08″
  • Action as supplied at 12th fret, treble: 1,5mm / .0059″
  • Action as supplied at 12th fret, bass: 2mm / .0078″
  • Type of nut: Teflon nut + hardened zero fret technology
  • Fingerboard Wood: Maple
  • Radius: 300mm / 11.81″
  • Type of frets: Medium
  • Number of frets: 24 + zero fret
  • Scale length: 650mm / 25.6″
  • Inlay: Dots
  • Body Wood: Two center-joined pieces of solid, naturally aged Alder
  • Top: Flamed maple
  • Finish: Varnish dries for 5 weeks minimum
  • Machine heads: Vigier
  • Type of machine heads: Over sized locking machine heads
  • Bridge: Vigier
  • Type of bridge: 2011 non locking tremolo, pivoting on needles bearings
  • End pin: Brass casing that inserts deep into the body and locks the strap button in place.
  • Pickup: DiMarzio H/S/H Pickup model: PAF Pro/FS1/Tone Zone (see details below)
  • Switch: 5 positions Controls: Volume Tone
  • Pickup selector: 1 Humbucker in neck position 2 Single-coil in neck & middle position 3 Single-coil in neck & bridge position 4 Single-coil in bridge & middle position 5 Humbucker in bridge position
  • Shielding: Yes
  • Pickup details: Pickup brand name: DiMarzio
  • Type of pickup: H/S/H Pickup model: PAF Pro/FS1/Tone Zone The Tone Zone This humbucker was selected for its powerful crunch and its „kick hard“ dose of midrange and bass. PAF Pro This humbucker was selected for its classic vintage tone, its versatility and definition. FS-1 This classic single-coil was selected for its attack and is combined with the Tone Zone and PAF Pro.HS-1 This vertical single-coil delivers a crisp, clean and noise free traditional single-coil sound.