Vater Drumsticks

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There are four main components that make up a drumstick. They are responsible for the overall feel, balance and response of the drumstick.

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Stewart Copeland Standard (Hickory) an Lager.

There are several things to keep in mind while you’re in search of a drumstick that will best suit your playing style. Straightness, density, tip shape, taper, length, wood type, diameter and balance are all key factors in how a drumstick is going to „feel“ in your hands. You may ask yourself while looking throughout this catalog, „Why does he/she use a bunch of different sticks?“. Artists may use an assortment of models to express a particular sound or mood in their playing that they can’t get from using just one stick model. On this page, we’ve given you a breakdown and explanation of all the factors to consider when you are choosing which model to use.

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