MOOER Micro Drummer

99.00 CHF

The Mooer Micro Drummer is a compact drum machine that slots right into your pedal chain. Sporting 121 drumbeats which span a wide variety of different musical styles, these can be synced up to your desired time easily using the onboard tap tempo. Never miss a beat with Mooer Micro Drummer!




  • MODE: Selects style and drum pattern. Press to switch between style and pattern parameter. Rotate to change parameter value.
  • PP:Pop; RC:Rock;  MT:Metal;  BL:Blues;  RB:R&B; JZ:Jazz,
  • FK:Funk;  LT:Latin; RG:Reggae; PK:Punk; TP:Tempo (metronome)
  • When the LED is red you can change the style by rotating the MODE control.
  • When the LED is Blue you can change the pattern by rotating the MODE control.
  • VOLUME: Adjusts the volume of the Micro Drummer.
  • SPEED: Adjusts the speed of the Micro Drummer.
  • TONE: Adjusts the tone of the Micro Drummer.
  • TAP: 2 ways to use Tap Tempo
  • 1. Tap the button in time with the tempo you wish the micro drummer to play.
  • 2. Hold down the footswich for 1 second while the pedal is engaged to enter ‘tap tempo’ operation, quickly tap the tempo you want the micro drummer to follow.