MOOER Groove Loop

99.00 CHF

Ditch your band-members and become a one-man playing machine. Mooer have combined their Micro Looper and Micro Drummer effects into the neat, little Groove Loop pedal. The selector at the top of the pedal lets you choose between each effect individually or both simultaneously, while the two small looper and drum dials adjust the volume levels.




  • Drum beats

Pick from 16 different pop, rock, blues, funk, fusion, jazz and metal drum beats using the main knob for great a versatility of playing styles. Select the tempo using the tap button underneath by pushing it in time with the speed you want.

  • Build layers

Record up to 20 minutes-worth of loops to build up well-defined layers of guitar riffing and soloing. Record, stop, playback and dub provide accurate controls using the main footswitch and indicate the setting using the clear LED light. In looper mode, the pedal will just loop the guitar input, while in L+D mode, it will loop both the guitar and a bar of the drum beat.