Marco SE

1'990.00 CHF

handbuitl Marco Guitar SE Sandwich Model Semiacoustic. Maple Neck, Semihollow body, Bubinga Stripe inlays, Rosewood fretboard, Heussel Pickups.


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Marco Guitars (Sandwich Concept)

1. Top
2. Upper Sound Chamber
3. Soundboard
4. Main Sound Chamber
5. Back

The Sandwich Concept is designed to expand the acoustic properties of the electric guitar. The soundboard is located inside the guitar and is protected against feedback. It also separates the upper and main sound chamber. Pick-ups and tailpiece are mounted on the top, to make sure, the soundboard can vibrate freely. The variation in the dimension of the main sound chamber, alters the acoustic tonal quality, while maintaining a fine functioning electric instrument.

The original Sandwich concept in the construction of Marco Guitars produces a faithful, balanced acoustic-electric sound with warm tone quality throughout the extension of the instrument, with a surprisingly pleasurable acoustic sound. Marco being a talented, hard working artisan with his own ideas, is able to construct a endless variety of guitars based on the Sandwich principle. – Agostino Di Giorgio