Duesenberg Dragster DD1-2T (Demo Model)

999.00 CHF

And there is no better way to get there than with our Dragster Series. Designed to be the offspring of the 52 Senior, the Dragster just rips with speed and tone.



  • The flat mahogany body and quickness of no binding on the neck, along with our unique coil-tap gives you the ultimate first gear in tone.
  • The Dragsters set-in mahogany neck, wrap-around bridge and uncompromising hardware with just one pickup bring to mind the phrase: pedal to the metal!
  • The three-step adjustable Domino P90 pickup, securely housed in a casing of nickel silver, derives its concise rock sound from ingenious electronics:
  • Step 1: fat, full and present P90 sound
  • Step 2: (middle): glassy, pearl-like rhythm sound
  • Step 3: akin to customary neck pickup sound