Analog Alien FuzzBubble-45 (Overdrive/Fuzz Pedal)

280.00 CHF

Nail classic guitar tones from the ‘60s and ‘70s!

The Analog Alien FuzzBubble 45 was inspired by the epic guitar tones of bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and Jimi Hendrix. While your guitar and your amplifier will, of course, add their own character to the FuzzBubble-45, its tone is instantly iconic.



FuzzBubble-45 Pedal:
• All-analog overdrive and fuzz pedal for electric guitar
• Separate OD and Fuzz sections give you two tonally-unique circuits to tweak
• Input level control gives you enhanced ability to fine-tune your tone
• Comes with collector’s cooler bag and bottle of Analog Alien bubble fluid
• Runs on 9V battery (included) or 9V power supply (sold separately)

Iconic tone in a convenient stompbox.

This pedal was designed to serve up those same classic overdrive and fuzz effects in a convenient stompbox. Hit the switch on the overdrive side, and you’re treated to vintage-style grit with plenty of bite. You can control it via your guitar’s volume knob, just like you can with a cranked-up tube amp. Go to the fuzz side and dial up everything – from subtle chunk to thick slabs of sustaining, buzzing bliss.

Extra tonal control from the input level control.
With an input level control not normally found on overdrive/fuzz pedals, you’ve got incredible control over your tonal aggression with the FuzzBubble-45. Increasing your input level adds girth and power to your tone, regardless of the other gain settings. And because the FuzzBubble-45 is so touch sensitive, you can treat the input control like the first gain stage on a tube amplifier. Set it to your maximum preference, then control your tonal intensity with your guitar’s volume knob.

Designed for demanding analog enthusiasts.
Analog Alien’s passion for analog music technology is shown in the all-analog design of the FuzzBubble-45. It’s designed to emulate the classic guitar tones from the ’60s and ’70s, with the touch sensitivity of a good tube amplifier. Guitarists everywhere love how interactive this pedal is; a small tweak of the controls coaxes entirely new tones.

How to use the FuzzBubble-45 pedal:

Overdrive Circuit – The OD side is designed to sound like a vintage tube amp from the 60’s and 70’s. These tones have become legendary in the minds of all rock guitar players. The controls are very simple and straight forward.

Output Control – The output knob controls the effected output level going to your amp or the next effect in your signal chain. The input level is controlled by your guitar’s volume knob – just as it is when you plug into a vintage amp. By adjusting your guitar’s volume control you can drastically change the tone and response of the pedal and we encourage you to experiment in this area.

Year Control – The year knob determines the amount of gain you send to the pedals overdrive circuit. By rotating the knob clockwise, towards ’77, the sound becomes more distorted producing a rich harmonic texture. This will enhance every note and chord you play, especially power chords…very cool! And just like a vintage tube amp the clarity of each note can still be heard. The circuit is also very touch sensitive responding to your own personal playing style.

Tone Switch – The tone switch was added to allow you to roll back some of the lower frequencies. Depending on the type of pickups you have in your guitar this switch can really help put the finishing touches on your sound.

Fuzz Circuit – The Fuzz side is one of the best sounding fuzz faces on the planet. Just like the OD side the controls are simple and easy to use.

Input Control – The input pot controls the amount of signal coming into the pedal. The output pot determines the amount of effected signal that is sent to your amp. Don’t be afraid to play with your guitar’s output control, too. Unlike most fuzz faces the Fuzz won’t get too  thin when you turn your guitar’s volume down.

Output Control – The output knob controls the effected output level going to your amp or the next effect in your signal chain.

Haze Control – The Haze control determines the intensity of the fuzz saturation. Unlike a conventional fuzz control, which is typically found on many Fuzz Faces, the Haze control and the input control work together in shaping your sound. Depending on how      the two are adjusted you can go from a voodoo wall of Fuzz to one of the sweetest sounding overdrives in the galaxy.

Tone Switch – The tone switch functions identically as it does in the OD circuit, offering you even more tone shaping flexibility.

The true flexibility of this pedal lies in the fact that we designed both sides to work together. Although they’re two different circuits one can be made to sound similar to the other. In other words there’s a little yin and yang thing going on here. That’s why the color of the LED’s is reversed. Put it all together and you get the Fuzz Bubble-45!

Analog Alien Fu Bubble

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