Analog Alien Double Classic Comp (Compressor Pedal)

230.00 CHF

Musical compression and clean boost!
Our Double Classic Comp pedal has a natural sound and is very musical – much like high-end rack mounted compressors found in professional studios. Adjust the Ratio setting from moderate to heavy compression, create a very effective clean boost, or boost your amp from subtle to full overdrive [with just a few turns of the control knobs]. Using the same compressor circuit from our Joe Walsh Double Classic pedal, this pedal is acclaimed by players far and wide.



Double Classic Comp (DCC) Pedal:
• Previously known as “Alien Comp”
• Compressor pedal for electric guitar
• Ratio ranges from 2:1 (subtle compression) to 10:1 (heavy compression)
• Crank up the Output level control to use as a clean boost
• Dial the Sensitivity control back for pickups with hotter output
• Increase the Sensitivity control for lower-output pickups
• True bypass switching; all-analog circuitry
• Same compressor circuit as featured in our Joe Walsh Double Classic pedal

Coax great tone from any guitar.

A highly effective clean boost pedal [when set appropriately], the Double Classic Comp pedal allows you to optimize the dynamics of your tone while pushing your tube amplifier into sweet overdrive. This pedal plays nicely with humbuckers and even single-coil pickups, allowing you to coax great tone from any guitar.

Versatile compressor that’s capable of everything.
With a ratio range of 2:1 to 10:1, the Double Classic Comp is capable of everything – from subtle smoothing to hard-stop compression. Its Output control has plenty of gain on tap to push your amp hard. Just back off on the Ratio while pushing the Sensitivity to about three o’clock. Then, boost the Output control to taste.

How to use the Double Classic Comp pedal:

Sensitivity – use the compressor as a clean boost. Start by setting the Sensitivity control to about 3 o’clock.

Ratio – back the Ratio control off by setting it to the 10 o’clock position.

Output – set the Output control to achieve the desired amount of clean boost to your amp.

Analog Alien Double Classic Comp!

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