Instruments, Amps & Accessories

Carl Martin EchotoneWonderfully warm, organic delay with some way-out stuff if you twiddle the knobs while playing.Carl MartinCHF 395.00
(CHF 495.00)
Carl Martin Red Repeat DelayBased on the infamous Carl Martin Delayla, the ‘Red Repeat’ provides an affordable 600 milliseconds of delay as well as a simply controlled echoCarl MartinCHF 155.00
Carl Martin Pro Power Carl Martin delivers with their power supply with isolated outlets and high current, a stable power supply to cover most power needs.Carl MartinCHF 179.00
Cherub WST-920 Universal TunerWST-920 combines the accuracy of classic needle-type meter with superior functionality, wide tuning range and a new, sleek horizontal design.CherubCHF 49.00
Crybaby Slash SignatureModeled after Slashs legendary wah-wah tone. Searing high gain distortion and Fasel-loaded Classic circuit.DunlopCHF 299.00
Crybaby Joe Bonamassa Signature ith its classy looks, vintage-style Halo inductor, and huge vocal sweep range, this is one of the vibiest, most expressive Cry Babys ever. DunlopCHF 265.00
Bass Cry BabyThe 105Q incorporates a proprietary potentiometer and custom circuitry specifically optimized for bass frequencies.DunlopCHF 185.00
EHX Muff OverdriveReissue of the original 1969 Muff Fuzz.Electro HarmonixCHF 59.00
EHX #1 EchoThe tone is ultra high quality up to two seconds of maximum warm analog-sounding delay.Electro Harmonixverkauft
EHX Nano Pogeparate level controls for dry, sub octave and octave up plus an extra Dry out and silent footswitching provide the perfect formula for this compact jewel.Electro HarmonixCHF 230.00
(CHF 260.00)
Ernie Ball 6166 Volume Pedalhe Ernie Ball VP 250k\'s rugged construction consists of a billet aluminum housing that is virtually indestructible.ERNIE BALLCHF 199.00
Ibanez Jemini Steve Vai Distortion PedalIbanez unleashes the first Steve Vai Signature Distortion pedal!IbanezCHF 299.00
MXR Bass Octave Deluxe (with true bypass) The M288 Bass Octave Deluxe is a dual voice octave pedal that offers analog tone, true bypass, and a variety of tonal options.MXRCHF 199.00
(CHF 209.00)
Palmer PGA03 MI Y-Box SplitterThe function of the Y-Box is quite simple: one guitar goes in and the sound comes out from two amps.PalmerCHF 99.00
Palmer PRO PAN02 DI Box ActiveStandard active DI box. Can be operated with 9 V batteries or 48 V phantom power.PalmerCHF 62.00
(CHF 68.00)
Palmer PDI 03 JB BonamassaThe PDI 03 JB Speaker Simulator is a professional passive DI box for guitar amps.PalmerCHF 225.00
Palmer PRO PAN01 DI Box PassivePassive DI box. Jack input with paralell (THRU) output, transformer balanced XLR output. PalmerCHF 45.00
(CHF 49.00)
TC Flashback Mini DelayWir haben all das, was ihr in Sachen Delay-Sounds von TC Electronic kennt und schätzt, in einem nahezu unglaublich kompakten Gerät untergebracht.tc-electronicsCHF 98.00
TC PolyTune 2 MiniExtrem kompaktes Gerät.Tuner-Modi: polyphon, chromatisch und ultrapräzises Strobe-Tuning. Unglaublich helles Display. tc-electronicsCHF 95.00