Instruments, Amps & Accessories

Duesenberg DragsterThe flat mahogany body and quickness of no binding on the neck, along with our unique coil-tap gives you the ultimate first gear in tone.DuesenbergCHF 999.00
Duesenberg 59er D59-BKThe 59er is a chambered solidbody, dual pickup, 22 fret electric guitar, featuring a solid arched top and a 647mm scale.DuesenbergCHF 2498.00
Ephiphone Explorer BEAST FX (used)Epiphone Beast (Explorer) FX with built in Chorus/Distortion. 2001 Limited Edition with a great Red Metallic finish.EpiphoneCHF 590.00
ESP LTD KH-25 Kirk Hammett KH Signature for Sale Price. ESPCHF 390.00
FGB Neo Classic LS20 Lemon DropFGN baut dieses Modell bewusst nach hergebrachter Tradition mit massivem 2-teiligem Mahagoni Korpus ohne Gewichtsreduzierung gefertigt, um so einen durchsetzungsfähigen und druckvollen Klang zu garantieren.FGN GuitarsCHF 1770.00
Fret King Jerry DonahueFret King Jerry Donahue Signature TelecasterFret KingCHF 999.00
Gibson Les Paul Signature 2014Les Paul Signature with Chambered Mahogany Body, Maple Top, Mahogany Neck, Bound Rosewood Fretboard, 57 Classic Humbuckers.Gibsonverkauft
Godin Summit Classic HB CBThe Godin Summit Classic CT is a scorching & versatile rock machine for the ages!GodinCHF 1690.00
Godin Session Black Burst SG MNFrom rock to blues to country, the Session is a guitar with tonal versatility, style and value, all in one instrument that won\'t break the bank. Godinverkauft
Godin Progression Black RNThe Godin Progression is the next evolution of the single-coil guitar.GodinCHF 998.00
Ibanez GRG Mikro (Used/Occasion)GRG miKro puts out sound way beyond its size. Perfect for young rockers on the way up or seasoned road warriors on the tour bus.IbanezCHF 199.00
Ibanez UV777P-BK STEVE VAI7-string Universe Steve Vai, Made in Japan. Lindenkorpus, Wenge-/Ahornhals, DiMarzio-Blaze-Humbuckers. IbanezCHF 3900.00
Larrivée Baker-TThe BAKER-T is a custom shop guitar that is pure old-school styling, with high-end appointments. LarrivéeCHF 2300.00
Marco GoldocasterFantastic sounding Stratocaster, masterbuilt by Marco Guitars Switzerland. Marco GuitarsPreis auf Anfrage
Marco Telecaster P90Masterbuilt by Marco Guitars, Telecaster P90 with Wood Fiber Body and Maple Neck.Marco GuitarsCHF 2500.00
Marco TelecasterMarco Guitars TelecasterMarco GuitarsCHF 2500.00
Maybach Stradovari S61 Olympic WhiteThe design and combination of woods of the S61 (swamp ash body, maple neck & rosewood fretboard) along with the Amber pickups, provide an clear, glassy and lively sound. MaybachCHF 2070.00
(CHF 2270.00)
Maybach Lester Gold Rush 57 AgedOur Maybach Lester guitars, masterpieces of design and craft, were modeled after the shapes and neck profiles used from 1957 to 1959. MaybachCHF 2290.00
(CHF 2490.00)
Maybach S54 2-Tone SB AgedFor the Maybach Stradovari\'s design and combination of woods of the S54 (swamp ash body, maple neck & fretboard), Amber created brilliant pickups that provide an awesome sound.MaybachCHF 2070.00
(CHF 2270.00)
PRS SE Bernie Marsden SignatureSE Bernie Marsden, 24.5\" Scale Length, PRS Stoptail Bridge, PRS-Designed 245 Treble & Bass Pickups.PRS Paul Reed SmithCHF 1090.00
PRS SE Tremonti Custom GBKSE Mark Tremonti Custom with Flame Maple Veneer, PRS-Designed Tremolo, PRS-Designed 245 Treble & Bass Pickups.PRS Paul Reed SmithCHF 1190.00
Saitenkraft Marty McFly Sk8teSpecial Marty McFly Guitar made of old Skateboards.SaitenkraftCHF 1600.00
Music Man JP50 PRBMusic Man Sterling John Petrucci Signature.Sterling by Music ManCHF 990.00
Tokai LC 98 WR Wine Red Legendary Tokai Les Paul Made in Japan. Made completely of Mahagony.TokaiCHF 2090.00
Tokai LS 75 GTLegendary Tokai Les Paul Made in Japan. Made completely of Mahagony.TokaiCHF 1890.00
Tokai LS 98 F VFLegendary Tokai Les Paul Made in Japan. Made completely of Mahagony with a flamed Maple top.TokaiCHF 1990.00
Vintage V6MR Icon Blug SignatureThe V6MRHDX body is made of alder and it features a hard maple, bolt-on neck with a 71/⁄2” radius rosewood fingerboard and 21 frets.VintageCHF 598.00
Vintage V100 Reissued Wine RedThe rock-solid combination of mahogany bodies and set necks, matched to top quality Wilkinson hardware and pickups means the Vintage V100 really sings!VintageCHF 498.00