Instruments, Amps & Accessories

Acus ONEFORSTRINGS 6T WOODEquipped with 3 inputs (Two Mic-Line and one Line) with controls for Gain, 3-Band EQ, Effect Send, Volume.AcusCHF 750.00
Acus ONEFORSTRINGS 5T WOODEquipped with two separate inputs (one Mic-Line and one Line), with controls for Gain/Volume, 3-Band EQ, Effect Send and Master Volume.AcusCHF 550.00
Acus ONEFORSTRINGS 8 WOODClass A pre-amplifier. Features three inputs (two MIC-LINE and one LINE) complete with PEAK LED, GAIN, 3-band EQ, effect SEND and VOLUME.AcusCHF 850.00
DV-MARK DV AC101The DV AC101 (updated version of the Markacoustic AC101) is a compact, powerful combo designed for all acoustic instruments.DV-Markverkauft
DV-MARK Little JazzDer DV Little Jazz Combo überzeugt durch einen warmen, harmonischen Klang. Die neu entwickelte, innovative Technologie lässt eine schnelle Ansprache und sagenhafte Dynamik zu.DV-MarkCHF 410.00
(CHF 497.00)
Harper Silvertube ONE 110 Great sounding full tube amp. Made in Switzerland. HarperCHF 1100.00
Harper Silvertube PlusDer Silvertube Plus bietet einen sehr klaren und genau definierten Cleansound mit klaren Bässen und schimmernden Höhen.HarperCHF 2180.00
MARKBASS CMD JB Players SchoolThe CMD JB PLAYERS SCHOOL combo, named as Jeff’s great Music School, is the perfect choice for students... not only at The Player School of Music but worldwide!Markbassverkauft
Markbass Micromark 801The Micromark now has a big brother—one who is still small enough to deliver the Markbass sound anywhere, but big enough to provide a fuller sound with plenty of bottom end!MarkbassCHF 450.00
Quik Lok BS625 Fully adjustable amplifier standThe BS625 can be configured to securely hold various sized combo amplifiers.Quik LokCHF 99.00
Victory V30 The Countess & V212 vertical cabinetPortable yet powerful: two channels of gig-ready valve tone to take anywhere. Victory AmpsCHF 2010.00
VOX VXI-SPLWith 15 Watts of power and a full complement of classic amps and effectsVoxCHF 120.00